ricetta Raschera Marenchino fondue

Ingredients (for 4/6 people)
200 grams Raschera Marenchino PDO, 2 egg yolks, 80 ml. milk, 20 grams Marenchino butter.

In a copper pan, cut the cheese into very small cubes, pour the milk over and let it rest for about a couple of hours, in order to soften it. Then add the Marenchino butter and melt everything in a double boiler, stirring from the bottom to the up. Add in the egg yolks and let thicken, stirring constantly. The fondue is ready when it has acquired a creamy and velvety texture.

The fondue is suitable for many culinary uses, from croutons to pies, from boiled vegetables to pasta dishes and any other specialities your imagination can create.