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Marenchino is a love story regarding cheese. A story about people who knew how to make use of the gifts of the land in which they live in order to produce unique and extremely genuine dairy products.
This story started in the 50s in the province of Cuneo, a rich land between the Alps and the Langhe, that was chosen by our grandparents to start their activity. First steps have been cautious, dedicated above all to the seasoning and trading phases. They were aware of the international success the Italian food industry reached and they knew how precious were their raw materials, so they decided to go for their own production: it’s the beginning of a triumph.
Starting from the historical factory in Savigliano, the company has established itself throughout the Cuneo area. They made important acquisitions which lead to a production never seen before. They gained visibility at a national level.
From Saluzzo to Frabosa Soprana, from Murazzano to Racconigi, the dairies became five and each one was characterized by the specific features and the traditions of the territory.
Despite this growth, the Marenchino cheeses continue to be born from the same values as ever: the defense of the artisanal manufacturing, the enhancement of the territory and the commitment in order to produce extremely genuine and tasty products.

Our factories
  • Frabosa
  • Frabosa is one of our historic dairies and it’s located in the heart of Piedmontese Alps, over 900 meters. This is the ideal environment for an high quality production: fresh air and pristine grass to bred our animals, rich traditions and experiences for the best milk processing. In the dark cellars located in the mountains, our cheese makers take care of cheeses for months, until the moment they are ready to reach the tables of our customers.

  • Murazzano
  • A dairy and a farm located in the Langhe are the selected locations for the production of exclusive cheeses. Here, surrounded by nature, the sheep of Langhe are bred. These sheep are the only ones who guarantee the milk for Murazzano PDO and other specialties of the territory. Our refiners carefully follow each step of the production in order to have a final product whose success is guaranteed.

  • Racconigi
  • At the northern border of the Province of Cuneo, there is Racconigi. This city hosts the “Villa di Delizie”, where the kings of Italy enjoyed the pleasures of a land rich in history and in flavors. Nearby, Marenchino family produces the “Selezione Caseificio Reale”. This Royal Dairy Selection is produced according to the tradition of royal cheese makers and its prestigious taste will satisfy the most refined palates.

  • Saluzzo
  • This dairy is located at the foot of the Alps and the Monviso. Here, we process milk coming from our lands, which is an extremely precious and genuine raw material. According to the Piedmontese art cheese, the products are hand-processed, following precise rituals, which have been handed down from a generation to another one. As a result, the products are excellent, including PDO whose high quality is internationally recognized.

  • Savigliano
  • Savigliano is the headquarter of our company, where repackaging and distributions phases of all products are developed. The cheeses are made and aged in the dairies of origin and then they arrive in Savigliano where they are also carefully selected and controlled. Then, each cheese takes its destination, ready to reach the tables of our customers, in Italy and abroad.

Caseifici Marenchino