ricetta Dome-shaped cauliflower pie in a Marenchino cheese sauce

Ingredients (for 4 people)
A cauliflower of 1 kilo approximately, 40 gr. butter, 20 gr. flour, 200 ml. milk, 100 grams of grated Bra Duro Marenchino cheese, 10 grams of Tender Bra Marenchino cheese, a clove of garlic.

Clean and wash the cauliflower thoroughly, cut it into quarters and boil it in salted water, keeping its stems to the inside. Season with half the Perla butter in which you browned the garlic clove. Prepare a béchamel sauce with the remaining butter, the flour and the milk and enrich it with the Perla cheese, also adding some salt.

Heat the cauliflower in the oven, then pull the pie out and pour the steaming sauce over it. Serve hot and decorate with Brussels sprouts, sautéed in butter, or broccoli florets.