ricetta Mixed salad with Murazzano Marenchino cheese

Ingredients (for 4 people)
300 gr. matured Murazzano Marenchino cheese, a little tuft of endive and one of escarole, 5-6 stalks of white celery, a small carrot, a handful of tender baby spinach, about ten walnut kernels, extra-virgin olive oil, apple vinegar, salt.

Cut the Murazzano Marenchino into small cubes. Clean the vegetables, then julienne the carrots and chop the celery, the salads and the spinach. Put everything in a bowl and season with a dressing of salt, vinegar and oil.

A tempting variation of this dish is obtained by serving the vegetable salad with the Murazzano Marenchino cut into thin slices, floured, dipped in egg and corn flavour and then deep-fried.