ricetta Fennel and Bra duro Marenchino salad in cheese baskets

Ingredients (for 4 people)
For the salad: two medium fennels, de-stemmed and cut into thin slices, 10 broken walnut kernels, 120 gr. Bra Duro Marenchino cut into flakes, olive oil, apple vinegar, salt.
For the baskets: 80 gr. Bra Duro Marenchino, 80 gr. Tender Bra Marenchino, a knob of Marenchino butter.

To prepare the baskets, coarsely grate the two types of cheese Marenchino, mix them up and divide them into four parts. Marenchino butter a baking dish and cover it with a parchment, then lie down two cheese discs of 16-18 cm approximately. Brown them in the oven (upper part) at 200°C for a few minutes, remove them immediately and put them in cups, so that they take the proper basket shape.

Prepare the salad and lay it in the cheese baskets, serving it immediately not to moisten them. For all those people who do not love fennels, they can be replaced with artichokes, seasoned with olive oil and lemon.